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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does my child get to their Enrichment class?
A. Only Kindergarteners are picked-up at their classrooms by our staff and taken to line-up with their Enrichment class where the instructor takes over. All other grades are expected to go to the designated area at their school to line up by Enrichment class. Those locations can be found on our General Information page. For the safety of the students, if a child is unfamiliar with the campus, parents must accompany their child or make arrangements to have someone direct their child to the proper location to line up for the class (please do not ask classroom teacher to do this). If you feel at some point your child may walk on his/her own, then you as a parent can make that decision.

Q.   My child is not in the grade range of a class being offered. Can he/she still sign up for the class?
A.    Per parent feedback and requests received from Enrichment surveys, classes are offered to a range of grade levels. Only students within the grade range designated for each class may enroll. Out-of-grade-range requests will be honored, with vendor approval, once classes are established if room is still available.

Q.    Will I receive confirmation that my child is in a class?
A.    Once we receive payment for your class selection, you will receive an emailed confirmation. Once a class meets it's minimum enrollment number, the class is considered established and there will be no refunds or cancellations. You will also receive an email if a class your child has signed up for is full or canceled. 

Q.    My child is not sure if he/she wants to take a specific class. Can I sign my child up and cancel later if he/she changes their mind?
A.    Class sizes are limited to 15 students per instructor. Some classes fill quickly and we encourage you only to sign up if your child is truly interested. Once classes fill, we often have to turn children away who are very interested in the class. Please refer to the next question and answer as well in regards to the programs refund policy.

Q.    Can I receive a refund once I have registered my child?
A.    Once classes are established, no refunds will be given, except for verified medical emergencies. Classes are considered established once they meet the minimum enrollment required for the class to run.

Q.    Why are classes cancelled?
A.    Classes must have a minimum amount of students. If this is not met, classes are cancelled. Students may be enrolled in another available class once notified of the cancellation with no penalty.