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Enrichment Check In Procedure

Enrichment Check In Procedure

Parents, please help prepare your child for their enrichment class by ensuring they know the name of their enrichment class and the location of the enrichment check in area. 


At school dismissal, all students will meet their instructor at the designated CHECK IN LOCATION at each school site (please see maps below). Please remind your student to report to the Check In Location immediately following school dismissal. 

Instructors will wait at the designated enrichment check in location for 5 minutes following school dismissal. 

1st - 6th Grade Students:

All 1st - 6th grade students will walk independently to the Check In Location. Please ensure your child knows where to report.

Kindergarten Students:

Kindergarten students will be escorted by ASP staff from their kindergarten classrooms to the enrichment Check In location.

Students who attend the DMUSD After School Program:

All students who attend the DMUSD After School Program must report to their ASP rooms to check in prior to heading to the enrichment check in location.
School Enrichment Maps

School Enrichment Maps